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Birthdate:Feb 15
Location:United States of America
From my display name, you might come to the rash conclusion that I'm a communist, nihilist, sunburned, and/or full of it. Only the last is correct, I'm afraid. I like to think that I'm pretty "open." I seem to know a boat-load of stuff that has no real impact on daily life, and this useless information (the majority of which is pop culture garbage) is what I am known for. . . where I'm known at all.

I love reading. Anything -- I do mean that literally, too. I try my hand at writing, some. Film is also awesome (all sorts, I'm really not that picky), as well as music.

But really, enough about me. . . what about you? What do you think of me?

Anyway, I feel old, but I'm really not. . . yet, anyway. I currently reside in the middle of a red state in the United States of America, and I like to employ cynicism and sarcasm whenever possible. Laughing is definitely on my list of top ten things to do.

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